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Anna & Tudor

About us:

Hello! We are a young couple from Romania. My name is Anna, I'm 25 years old, and my boyfriend is called Tudor, he's 26. We've been together for quite a while, we know everything about each other, our preferences in sex etc. We had a discussion about how we should spice up our relationship and decided to shoot couples porn videos for this awesome project! We hope you'll vote for us! :D

Rate Us:  4.3 (35 votes) Pretty Cool

Season 1:"Sex experiments in Romania"

Episode 1: “Wild couple fuck on the staircase”
Rating:  3.4 of 5 (12 votes)
New hot couple is what you've been waiting for, and finally you guys are gonna see a super hot sex project filmed by Anna and Tudor. This is their first episode, and our new sexy couple starts with pure hotness right away. Slim beautiful Anna will tease you a little bit with stripping, then you'll peek her taking a shower, with foam covering her gorgeous curves. Damn, her boyfriend is so lucky cause the girl is just too sexy for words. They were going to take a walk for the introduction video piece, but as Anna was getting dressed, Tudor got horny and couldn't wait any longer. So they perform a wild fuck scene on the stairs of their house!

Episode 2: “Time for a blowjob in the car”
Rating:  3.9 of 5 (8 votes)
Instead of going downtown, Anna and Tudor took a walk in the forest, cause sexy girl wanted to show you a secret place where she and her boyfriend often have sex in hot summer days. Though it's not summer, Anna felt so excited she started stripping and playing with big dildo in front of the camera. Then hot couple continued with a blowjob in their car. As soon as they got back home, they took off clothes and rushed to the sofa. Anna wanted to fuck since morning and finally she could get what she wanted. This is a super hot scene from young couple who know how to please each other. And it's only episode two, there's a lot of wild stuff coming very soon!

Episode 3: “Kinky bdsm and massage scene”
Rating:  4.2 of 5 (6 votes)
Anna and I love to experiment in our private sex life. When nobody's watching we pretend to be a master and his slave. This time we decided to share our kinky role games with those who also love such kind of fucking. Bdsm turns us on. When I see Anna in sexy black lace lingerie, handcuffed to the railing, I can't help the desire inside of me. So I take her from behind as she screams *Thank you master!*. What a feeling, you definitely should try that too! This is what you'll see in the first part of the video, and then a little scene involving erotic massage. Anna's oiled hands rubbing my back, then she sits down on my cock and rides me until she comes!

Episode 4: “Outdoor sex in the backyard”
Rating:  4.2 of 5 (4 votes)
We hope you like us and enjoy watching our epsiodes, cause we have a lot of interesting stuff to show you. In the fourth video of our project you'll meet our pet bunny, he's really cute. It was a present from Tudor on my birthday. My boyfriend is such a sweetheart, ain't he. I like to tease him when we're not at home. Like today, when we were outside in the back yard, I started stripping and fondling myself to tease my horny man a little bit. Then I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him. When he got rock hard, I let him bang me doggy style right there in the backyard even though our neighbors could see it. But we are too liberated to care

Episode 5: “Hot couple sex in cold winter”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (4 votes)
This time we want to show you guys the city we live in. It's too cold to go sightseeing on foot. So we just drove downtown and filmed the view from the car window. Beautiful night with street lights and everything, really romantic. About half an hour later I wanted to go back home and make love to Tudor. Not a quick rough fuck, but something sweet and tender. So I put on black see-through lingerie, then we went upstairs and had sex on the floor. On the bed it would be too boring. Though I came, it wasn't enough for me, and about an hour later we went outside and fucked again in the yard. It's winter but I didn't feel cold at all!

Episode 6: “Morning fucking in the kitchen”
Rating:  3.6 of 5 (8 votes)
When you hear a word *housewife*, who do you imagine? Desperate chick in mid forties, exact opposite to sexy? That's not what I imagine, cause my girlfriend is the hottest housewife ever. She's young and beautiful. When she cooks breakfast for me she stands there in the kitchen in short skirt and candid white lingerie! Early in the morning we drink coffee together and then go strait to couple fucking for our home porn video. We don't want you to think our relationship is based on sex.. But we fuck a lot, that's the truth, so why would we lie about it? As a bonus you'll see another sex scene in the end of the episode, that starts with Anna masturbating on our bed with her vibrator!

Episode 7: “Yummy pussy for dinner”
Rating:  4.9 of 5 (7 votes)
I've always wanted to watch my hot girlfriend shaving, but she didn't let me. Finally she decided to shave her pussy in front of me so that we could shoot a great home sex episode. After shaving she sucked my cock in the shower, taking it as deep as she could. Anna is a great cock sucker, I think it's obvious. Later that night hot babe prepared a surprise for me. I walked into the living room and saw her there, lying on the table with legs spread apart and hair let down.. Hot as hell! She had tiny black thong on her, Anna pulled it aside and started masturbating, fingering her yummy pussy. Soon watching was not enough anymore and I fucked her hard into the table

Episode 8: “Whole day devoted to wild sex”
Rating:  4.6 of 5 (8 votes)
I was busy working a crossword puzzle when Tudor approached me with a camera in his hand and started silently fondling my boobies. I told him it wasn't the best time for that, and I wasn't really in the mood for sex yet. But my baby was so horny, I couldn't leave him like that, so of course I sucked him and even gave him a little boob job, he loves it. As for actual sex, we had it later in the car. We drove to the woods and fucked there for a change. Tudor had enough fucking for that day, but I soon felt horny again and fingered myself on the bed while he was sucking and licking my boobies! I had such a strong orgasm.

Episode 9: “Pissed boss and sexy secretary”
Rating:  4.8 of 5 (6 votes)
We thought it would be fun if we acted out some role game scene. Sometimes we do it, but not too often, so it's always very exciting for both of us. We already played schoolgirl and a teacher, nurse and her patient, a lot of stuff. This time we made up our minds to pretend a boss and his secretary. I was supposed to be a sexy seductive secretary who didn't do her work in time, so her boss gets really pissed and punishes her.. Yeah, almost like in that movie! Tudor played the mad boss very well, his strict voice turned me on so easily. I thought I really was that secretary who wanted to please and make up for her mistake

Episode 10: “Master and his slave”
Rating:  4.1 of 5 (9 votes)
You probably noticed that we like to add a little bit of bdsm to our sex life. Tudor enjoys feeling power, he likes to be a master. And I enjoy being his toy, I like kinky punishments, all that spanking, whipping and nasty words. The best part is when he calls me a bitch or a whore and makes me suck his cock! In our last episode we decided to go a bit further and use a rope. Bondage, spanking, dirty talking while he fucks me. You'll see all that, my friends. Oh, and also you'll voyeur me in mini bikini working on Tudor's cock! As a bonus. We do hope that you'll vote for us so we can shoot another season for you

“Album 1” (122 photos)

Members comments (17)

peskysushi (Jan 25,2013)

woman needs to slow down, move more slowly and sensually. Acting is horrible. Guy is flabby. Could be much better because she is beautiful.

tim (Apr 27,2011)

please no more videos with 4 mins of sex. seriously

sexcrazy (Apr 7,2011)

I also think Anna is beautiful and sexy, give us more episodes soon please

Alex (Apr 6,2011)

Fuck! What are you talking about? Think she`s great. Shoot more please! +5

nikman (Apr 4,2011)

i don't like them..he is too fat. They are too boring for me

autoinput (Mar 28,2011)

too short this episode , i want more !

Anna (Mar 24,2011)

Hey, it's just the first episode of the season. In future episodes you'll see outdoor, restroom sex and much more!

house.service.471 (Mar 23,2011)

what is this half hour not good but she very hot and suck good i think u must fix 2 big black dick for her  im sure she will be happy

mike (Mar 23,2011)

Too much staged, unnatural, no outdoor or public toilet sex scenes, too short... No good for me, sorry.

LoQ8zF5Y (Aug 15,2011)

again anna is hot wish she was my girlfreind :(

andrew.a.sauls (Oct 29,2012)

nice games they have, i luv hardcore

LoQ8zF5Y (Aug 15,2011)

anna is hot wish she was my girlfreind :(

3dbJ6RzVL8o7gwqD (Jul 27,2011)


steoleo81 (Jul 19,2011)

so good girl

wallet (Sep 18,2011)

i dont like his pants... get some jeans

valica76 (Sep 18,2011)

romancele sant cele ai sexy si mai frumoase femei din lume...Anna ne confirma asta...

LoQ8zF5Y (Aug 15,2011)

anna is hot wish she was my girlfreind :(


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